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April 12th 2020                                    

Easter lunch

the Easter menu is the triumph of traditional dishes, revisited with a touch of originality and creative flair. The warm welcome in the family makes the holiday a moment of choral joy even at the table

Until May 2020                                    

Spring dinners

in Spring, the period of the awakening of nature, there's nothing better than the flavor gems of the seasonal products to make the taste flourish: special Spring dinners respectively based on Meat and Fish are the best way to awaken the dormant palates 

Until September 2020                      

Summer dinners

a great desire for summer, to wipe out anxieties and negativity: here are the Scacciapensieri menus, to enjoy with maximum relaxation the succulent courses of a meat or fish dinner, from appetizers to desserts, with a fixed all inclusive price, in the name of good Family taste

Until mid December 2020              

Autumn dinners

in the season in which nature colors become more vivid, even the table claims warmer aromas and more intense flavours: so here are the menus of the Autumn Dinners based on meat and fish, both offered at promotional prices and capable of satisfying the finest palates